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The Gypsy Horse is a colorful, compact, small Draft horse.

For nearly 100 years, the Gypsies have bred and used colorful  horses to pull their ornately decorated carts and living wagons through the country lanes of England and Ireland. These horses, are easily recognizable by their long, flowing manes and tails, and the profusion of feathers on their legs.  These make them look as if they fly when they run and add to the overall flash and flare of these beautiful animals.

     Traditionally, the gypsy horse is involved in every aspect of  family life, faithfully pulling the caravan wagon by day, while still being gentle and docile enough that even children could handle them safely. This is an animal of exceptional stability by nature and one which is unlikely to be skittish in an unfamiliar situation

 The horses are tethered at the campsite with the family caravan when they are not working, in all types of weather. They live and thrive on only the grasses that happen to be growing along the side of the roads. The heartiness and exceptional disposition of these horses are their trademarks.

They are known for being one of the most docile and gentle horses in the world.

 Now that Americans have discovered the fact that the Gypsy horse is not only incredibly beautiful,  but  excels at virtually every equestrian activity, including driving, dressage, and both English and Western-style riding, the numbers will be increasing rapidly.



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