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Prince Charming

Prince's Video

Contact us by email or phone (870-862-4424) for information about Prince or his future foals .

Prince is bred from the renowned" Rose Line" of mares, which are some of the best blooded mares through out England and Ireland.  Prince's dam, Rose, has produced some of the most incredible horses, including the phenomenal mare Panda Rose, to whom Prince Charming is a full brother. These bloodlines are from generations of highly selective breeding, and they breed true and fabulous.

His sire,Ē Sidís Good Stallion", was  considered to be one of the best sires in England and Ireland. Sadly his sire passed away.  Prince Charming is the last of that stallion and mare combination, so his blood is irreplaceable.

 Prince has the conformation, feather and most importantly the superb temperament sought after in this magical breed.  He has proven that he is passing those great qualities to his offspring.